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The DISMARC / AAP Portal

DISMARC is a music audio aggregator within EuropeanaConnect, which is the music audio content aggregator for Europeana, the flagship European cultural heritage web portal. The EuropeanaConnect/DISMARC Audio Aggregation Platform (short form AAP) is a gateway providing access to discographic catalogue information and audio content located in music archives and in private and public collections. The purpose of the AAP is two-fold; to make it easier for general users to find the vast and often undisclosed amount of audio and audio-related data held in various sound archives, and also to allow content owners to create more awareness of their content. DISMARC began life as an EU-funded initiative intended to encourage and support the interoperability of music-related data.

DISMARC network
DISMARC network
Content owners can submit audio data, collection information and audio extracts to the AAP for discovery via Europeana. The Dismarc metadata platform solves problems of interactivity between different systems caused by varying methods of metadata description. The AAP uses existing software tools to map fields from each contributing database onto the Europeana Semantic Elements schema.

The AAP provides a single user interface which allows users to access audio and audio-related data held by participating archives and institutions. Users access the metastore via a standard web browser. An authentication procedure enables individualised access. The DISMARC metastore offers general information on the objects (the object metadata description and a short sound preview if possible), offering users an initial selection of the objects that meet their search criteria. More detailed information can then be retrieved directly from the owner of the contet, via links provided.

DISMARC aggregates digital catalogue data, and also welcomes archives which do not yet have a digitised catalogue. These archives can create a digital catalogue by adding basic collection information to the DISMARC metastore via the DISMARC collection description tool. Content owners can also manage their complete data using content management tools which are integrated in the AAP.

The metastore harvests metadata from various automated systems and provides powerful search capabilities for searching this diverse data. New metadata is harvested automatically at pre-defined intervals. DISMARC uses the 'OAI-PMH Protocol' for metadata harvesting.

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