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Simple Search

The portal offers a simple search facility that smoothly transforms to an advanced search when the first result set is delivered by the system. The entry field for the simple search appears when the user clicks on "Search".

Simple Search
Simple Search

After entering the first two letters in the search field the auto-suggest list for the multilingual search (View Wordlist) appears beneath. The list is connected to the selected portal language, and displays the terms of this language. A suggested term may be chosen.

This term will be searched for in the various search languages that registered users have activated in their user profile.

In the public portal (not being logged-in) only the English langauge is activated in the Simple Search.

A mouse click on the "GO" button or a <RETURN> starts the search.

Query language

Rum > finds all items with Rum as a single word

Rum* > truncation right hand side > finds also Rumba

*rum > truncation left hand side > finds also Drums

*rum* > truncation on both sides > finds Rumba and Drums

Rum and Coke > finds items that include the words Rum and Coke

"Sheet" and "Music" > also finds both words anywhere in the record

Rum not Coke > finds items with Rum but not with Coke

“Rum and Coke” > finds items that include the phrase Rum and Coke

Sheet Music > finds the phrase

"Sheet" "Music" > finds any of the the words

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