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The aim of this Wiki is to provide help guidelines for the users of the DISMARC platform.

Users will find here all information regarding working with the DISMARC portal in the Wiki category DISMARC portal.

The DISMARC platform offers various functionalities and is intended to provide users with in-depth search functionalities and data-management options.

In addition you will also find here organisational and technical information on How to join DISMARC.

The DISMARC project

The DISMARC project was an EU-funded initiative to encourage and support the interoperability of music related data. The majority of music archives throughout Europe do not dispose of publicly available access points to their catalogues and if they do, they often focus individually on providing resource discovery facilities to their own network or community only.

During project lifetime DISMARC established a gateway to freely available audio-content which will increase the visibility of the individual collections and make the content discoverable to a wider audience. The platform offers music archives the opportunity to submit music collections for aggregation in the DISMARC repository via harvesting of the metadata records associated with the resources.

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