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Archive template
Archive template
DISMARC template
DISMARC template

The purpose of the DISMARC project is to establish a metadata platform for the discovery and diffusion of knowledge concerning music data.

The project addresses problems of interactivity between different systems, which are mainly caused by varying methods of metadata description. Existing software tools are used to map fields from each database onto a project-defined standard format.

The DISMARC Metastore provides a single user interface allowing users to access audio and audio-related data of the DISMARC partners. The purpose of the DISMARC Metastore and portal is to make it easier for users (the academic community, the general public and the media) to find and access the vast and often undisclosed number of audio and audio-related data held in various sound archives.

The DISMARC platform offers two presentation templates for searching data. The “Archive” template is intended for general public usage and quick searches. The “DISMARC” template is intended for experienced users that expect comprehensive search functionalities. The description of the front end and back end tools will take the “DISMARC” template as a reference.

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