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  • Rum > finds all items with Rum as a single word
  • Sheet Music > finds the phrase
  • “Rum and Coke” > finds items that include the phrase Rum and Coke

NB: quotation marks are necessary when operators (AND/OR/NOT) appear in the phrase

  • Rum* > truncation right hand side > finds also Rumba
  • *rum > truncation left hand side > finds also Drum
  • *rum* > truncation on both sides > finds Rumba and Drums
  • Rum AND Coke > finds items that include the words Rum and Coke
  • "Sheet" and "Now and Forever" > finds the word Sheet and the phrase Now and forever anywhere in the record
  • Rum NOT Coke > finds items with Rum but not with Coke

NB: Please notice that when the multilingual search is activated also translated words will be found:

  • *rum > truncation left hand side > finds Drum BUT also Trommel (when you allow multilingual searching in English and German)
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