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In addition to the vocabularies the following wordlists are supporting the search in DISMARC:

1. The multilingual word list:

The multilingual word list is a set of around 3000 words that are frequently used in describing the data so far included in DISMARC. This free list has been translated into various languages and the terms related to the list appear in an auto-suggest list when the users enter the first two letters into a search field. The multilingual words are offered for the free text serach as well as for the search in certain metadata fields.

See also: Simple Search

2. Other DISMARC wordlists for certain data fields

  • (free) Genres (Genre Field)
  • (free) Instruments (Instrument Field)
  • Extent Types (a role attached to the Extent Field)
  • FileTypes (Format Field)
  • Identifier Roles (a role attached to the Identifier Field)
  • Instruments (Instrument Field) (a super classification)
  • Performance Contexts (Performance Context Field)
  • Performance Settings (Performance Setting Field)
  • Place Roles (a role attached to the Place Field)

3. Dublin Core Vocabularies

DISMARC has integrated various vocabularies of the Dublin Core Standard. Among those count:

For describing objects and collections:

  • DCMI Type

For describing collections:

  • Accrual Periodicity
  • Accrual Policy
  • Accrual Method

4. Vocabularies of the US Library of Congress

  • MARC Agent Roles (a role attached to the Contributor Field)
  • MARC Audience (Audience Field)

The registered users may view the total word lists.

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