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The installed DISMARC system ships with the DISMARC stick.


The partners can run the installed system on the stick or any other writeable medium using the VMWare Player. The VMWare Player has to be installed on the local computer. (This piece of software is located on the stick or can be downloaded from www.vmware.com.)

After setting up a local DISMARC node the partner can run periodically an automated data upload routine from the local cataloguing system to the local Metadata Manager Manager (via time-based scheduling services like cron on *nix and Schedule Tasks on Windows).

If they want to have this local data being harvested by the central DISMARC portal platform they will need to allow web access to the local server that hosts their metadata. The central DISMARC Harvester will then periodically check for new data in the local system and harvest these updates to the central DISMARC portal plattform.

Further advantages:

Running a local Metadata Manager additionally provides the possibility to connect to any OAI repository worldwidea, if the partner wishes to distribute the metadata to other portals than DISMARC. Vice versa the local metadata manager might also be used to collect metadata information form other local sub-repositories before providing them all in one to DISMARC. This functionality supports the creation of national repositories spread over Europe that cumulate data and provide it to DISMARC (eg. a Swedish repository, German repository etc.)

Find below two screencasts that describe how to use the DISMARC stick:

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